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Dr. Sood works as a Director of Security and Cloud Threat Labs at Elastica Inc., Blue Coat Systems. Dr. Sood has research interests in malware automation and analysis, application security, secure software design and cybercrime. He has worked on a number of projects pertaining to penetration testing specializing in product/appliance security, networks, mobile and web applications while serving Fortune 500 clients for IOActive, KPMG and others. He is also a founder of SecNiche Security Labs, an independent web portal for sharing research with security community. He has authored several papers for various magazines and journals including IEEE, Elsevier, CrossTalk, ISACA, Virus Bulletin, Usenix and others. His work has been featured in several media outlets including Associated Press, Fox News, The Register, Guardian, Business Insider, Kaspersky Threatpost, CBC and others. He has been an active speaker at industry conferences and presented at BlackHat, DEFCON, HackInTheBox, RSA, Virus Bulletin, OWASP and many others. Dr. Sood obtained his Ph.D from Michigan State University in Computer Sciences. Dr. Sood is also an author of "Targeted Cyber Attacks"‚Äč book published by Syngress. He also sits on the review board of "CrossTalk - Journal of Defense Engineering", a publication sponsored by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and NavAir.

Research Interests

I have a steep interest in cyber security and contribute regularly in this realm. I collaborate with Dr. Sherali Zeadally and Dr. Richard J Enbody on various research work. At present, I am pushing the security envelope in the industry.


Cyber-crime increasingly impacts both the online and offline world, and targeted attacks play a significant role in disrupting services in both. Targeted attacks are those that are aimed at a particular individual, group, or type of site or service. Unlike worms and viruses that usually attack indiscriminately, targeted attacks involve intelligence-gathering and planning to a degree that drastically changes its profile. Individuals, corporations, and even governments are facing new threats from targeted attacks. Targeted Cyber Attacks examines real-world examples of directed attacks and provides insight into what techniques and resources are used to stage these attacks so that you can counter them more effectively.

Syngress published this book (ISBN-10: 0128006048 | ISBN-13: 978-0128006047) and it is available at : Amazon, Elsevier Store, Barnes and Nobles and others.

".the book works its way through how attacks are planned and executed, following by a description of protective measures and concluding with a bit of myth-busting in order to leave readers with a clear and accurate picture of what the threat really means for get a very sharp sense of how and why these attacks are possible."
- Network Security, June 2014

"The most complete text in targeted cyber attacks to date. Dr. Sood and Dr. Enbody are able to present the topic in an easy to read format that introduces the reader into the basics of targeted cyber attacks, how the attackers gather information about their target, what strategies are used to compromise a system, and how information is being exfiltrated out from the target systems. The book then concludes on how to build multi-layer defenses to protect against cyber attacks. In other words, the book describes the problem and presents a solution. If you are new to targeted attacks or a seasoned professional who wants to sharpen his or her skills, then this book is for you."
- Christopher Elisan, Principal Malware Scientist, RSA -The Division of EMC

"Sood and Enbody have taken a systematic, step by step approach to break down a pretty complex topic into bite-sized chunks that are easily digestible. They cover everything from the basics and 'need to know' of targeted attacks to the more advanced insights into the world of exploit packs, attack techniques and more."
- Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Hack In The Box

Third-party reviews about the book is available at : Help Net Security. Search Security Techtarget has displayed a one chapter of the book here : Bookshelf. The book has made a significant impact as a result of which the book will be published in Chinese version in 2016 by National Defense Industry Press (China).

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A. Sood and R. Enbody, "Lifecycle of a Botnet", Hackers and Hacking - A Reference Book (Contemporary World Issues), ABC-CLIO, 2013.

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